Supermarket shopping carts 2017-03-13T17:13:13+00:00
Shadow of an anonymous person on a pedestrian crossing 2017-03-13T17:15:24+00:00
Close up of red fish for sale 2017-03-13T17:17:23+00:00
A love heart painted in chalk and a padlock in a blue door 2017-03-13T17:19:26+00:00
Drops of rain water on a glass 2017-03-24T14:14:20+00:00
Autumn leaf colors on asphalt 2017-03-13T17:27:52+00:00
Colorful yellow leaf on asphalt 2017-03-13T17:30:03+00:00
Green leaves with rain drops of water 2017-03-13T17:32:04+00:00
Colorful tulip flower 2017-03-13T17:34:02+00:00
Auray, Brittany, France. Port de Saint Gostan, Gulf of Morbihan 2017-03-13T17:37:12+00:00